Undercover InvestigationsUndercover Investigations

Bloodhound Investigations' Undercover Investigators have helped businesses discover what problems are really lurking within the workplace.  Our Undercover Investigations have helped reduce companies and organisations exposure to Litigation, Industrial Espionage and show an increase in Profits.  Also see: Counter-Surveillance and Debugging

We are thoroughly effective at resolving hard-to-prove undercover cases such as Drug and Alcohol abuse, Bullying, Theft, Racism, Moonlighting, Sexual harassment and other forms of gross misconduct by employees.  The undercover investigation creates access for our Private Investigator(s) to covertly interact with staff that are suspected of misconduct, enabling us to confirm or disprove any rumours. 

Upon instruction we will liaise and limit are findings to the agreed personnel within your company i.e., Human Resources, Security or any other top level Management.  A full written report will be made available and video or photographic evidence provided.

In cases where Industrial Espionage (also see Claim Investigations) is suspected please read the following: 

WARNING:  If you suspect that your home, office or vehicle is being monitored, please make sure that you contact one of Bloodhound Investigations' Private Investigators using a different phone (do not text, fax or e-mail) and make contact away from the suspected area of threat.