Surveillance - Private Investigator - London

SurveillanceSurveillance: ‘The careful and constant observation of an individual, group of people, a place or process of events’.

  • Video Surveillance
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Wireless Surveillance
  • Remote Surveillance 
  • Security Surveillance

Bloodhound Investigations provides Surveillance and Counter Surveillance to a wide range of small businesses, organisations, legal teams and private clients. Our Surveillance operatives covertly and discreetly monitor targets in different environments 24 hours a day, often at short notice.  All of our Private Investigators are equipped with an array of surveillance equipment to cope with the most demanding and varied assignments.

All Video and Photographic imagery is time and date stamped and supported with a detailed written report.  Surveillance from the operation often proves invaluable in obtaining corroborative evidence as part of an investigation and as such we are consistently used as a Legal support services.