Counter Surveillance 

Image Coming SoonWARNING:  If you suspect that your home, office or vehicle is being monitored, please make sure that you contact Bloodhound Investigations Ltd using a different phone (do not text, fax or e-mail) and make contact away from the suspected area of threat. 

Counter-Surveillance the practice of avoiding surveillance or making surveillance difficult.  Also see: Undercover Work and Debugging

Our Private Investigators have carried out counter-surveillance for private clients, high-net worth individuals, businesses and legal teams.

Bloodhound Investigations’ first priority is to complete a risk assesment and try to assertain exactly what type of surveillance is being carried out, where the threat is coming from and why.  The importance of finding out ‘why’ and acting efficiently is crucial in preventing further information being passed on to the third party surveillance team. 

Upon instruction a range of Counter-Surveillance techniques and misinformation procedures are put in place to ‘draw out’ the hostile surveillance team and expose the ‘why’.  We will also advise on future countermeasures and ways to avoid any further exploitation or threat.  In our experience surveillance is normally divided into two categories.  Human Surveillance and or Technical Surveillance.


Human Surveillance?

Human Surveillance is the use of operatives (male or female) instructed by a client to observe another person/s (the Target) and monitor the target’s day to day lifestyle/s.  This may include : the Target’s work and home address, family, associates, social activities etc., in order to present a factual record of events.

Technical Surveillance ?

Technical Surveillance is the use of ‘bugs’/ listening devices, IT monitors or covert cameras to gain information about a target and the target’s surroundings.  This form of surveillance may be carried out in conjunction with Human surveillance.