Claim Investigations 

Fraudulent Sick-LeaveFraudulent sick-leave costs companies and local councils millions of pounds each year in fraudulent claims.  The consequences of fraudulent sick-leave within the work place can easily manifest and spiral out of control.  Bloodhound Investigations has worked on cases whereby companies have not only lost unnecessary revenue, but the fraud itself has had a drastic effect within.  Below is a list of fraud investigations we have carried out.


Case history has shown that the majority of full-time employees have to work full-time for one employee only.  Bloodhound Investigations has witnessed employees contravene their terms of contract by working for other companies.  If a member of staff works for another company and they are contracted to only work for their primary employer, then any profits they make are legally due to their primary employer.

Industrial Espionage

Organisations have been known to spy on their competitors to gain a competitive advantage.  Spying may involve the theft of trade secrets and/or the secret removal, copying, and recording of valuable and confidential information for use by a competitor.

Fraudulent Compensation Claims

Companies of all sizes are finding that there is a ‘compensation culture’ of employees that are thriving on audacious accident and poor-health claims.  Bloodhound Investigations has helped companies defend against these claims and provide irrefutable evidence to quash and stop further allegations.